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SWT Monthly Demo June 2022 - "Holly-Wood Bowl " by Keith Gotschall

  • June 15, 2022
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom Only

Below is a summary of the demonstation by Keith Gotschall.


Keith will show a quick PowerPoint Presentation that will show a few slides of his work, both furniture, sculpture and of course turning. It gives those who don’t know him a chance to see some of his work and get to know some of his history. This runs about 5 minutes

Then he will show one of his videos of production work as he works through an order for a hundred small bowls. It won’t take too long, and it gives a very good in-depth look at the bottoming gouge and its use. The small bowls are nice and open, so you can see what is going on. This will run about 10-15 minutes.

Then he'll move onto the main show...the video of the Holly-wood bowl.  This is a project that he has never been able to show in its entirety in a regular demo. It takes place over three days, is an edited view of 5 hours of video. It’s 1.5 hours long, but doesn’t take that long to watch, as he will speed through some of the sanding, etc.

At the end he will have two photos side by side, the original Holly-wood bowl and the one made in the video.  It’s a terrific opportunity to engage the club in a little critique.  His feelings cannot be hurt by this, and everyone seems to enjoy pointing out what is good and bad about each image.  He encourages the viewers to try and describe “why” they like one detail over another, and it really helps to start thinking critically about one’s own work.  The time on this can vary a bit, about 1 hour to 1.5 hrs., depending on how chatty we get during the critique. 

If there is time left, a short shop tour is just what it sounds like, with some emphasis on a few really great old machines he has.

Holly Wood Bowl. This is his finer examples of work.  Not a production item, though he has made several of them along this design.  He endeavors to make as nice a bowl as he can, not one for cereal, nor any real use, this is decorative and as light as an egg shell. In the demo, he will show how he “machines” slabs of wood to perfect flatness and glue them up into sandwiches that are then turned into the final bowl shape. Using Holly and Blackwood brings its own need for finesse and methods of work. You must not get black sanding dust into the pores of the holly! He’ll show how he deals with that. Various ways of work holding and chucking are shown and explained, as well as all the tricks he knows to bring off a really fine example of woodturning. 

You can visit his website @ 

There will be a "Show and Tell" starting at 6:30 and the demonstration will begin at 6:45

Zoom information will be provided in a separate email to all club members.

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