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SWT Turning Tuesday (Revised) Nov 1st, 2022 *****SPECIAL CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT***** & Demonstrations "How Clever Are You?"

  • November 01, 2022
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Franck’s Shop & Zoom


Please attend this important meeting either in person or via Zoom.  We need as many members as possible to help find solutions regarding the future of our club.  There will be very significant changes in our club functions starting the first of the year, and we need everyone on board to make a smooth transition.

This month's Turning Tuesday is being called "How Clever are you?" 

The concept is a 10 minute Demo of when you had a problem and had an "A-Ha" moment for its solution. Let's get in the spirit of this and have a fun night!

  1. Steve Johns - Limiting Slippage when Jam Chucking
  2. Franck Johannesen - Reversing Bar
  3. Bob Nordstorm - Few Tricks on Hollow Forms
  4. Eric Gantner - To Be Decided
  5. Scott Hime - Bearing to hold top of Finial
  6. Scott Hime - Donut Chuck
  7. Russ Fellows - intro to segmented
  8. Charlie Bell - Pryo intro
  9. Eric Brown - CA Glue and Baking Powder
  10. Jon  - Sandpaper

    This will be a hybrid meeting and Zoom info will be emailed in a separate message.

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